Henni van Beek Fotografie


Armando-Artworks for the catalogue

Assman (Gijs)-Sculptures, drawings

Becht-Artworks collection

Essel van (Sigrid)-Paintings

Eugène Brands-Gouaches, paintings and assemblages for catalogues

Fondation Custodia Parijs-Paintings, drawings

Henneman (Jeroen)-Artworks

Höweler (Gerard)-Sculptures on location for catalogue

Klucht van der (Geer)-Drawings

Jong de (Ad)-Sculptures and paintings

Katten Kabinet Amsterdam-Posters

Kooper (Ina )-Artworks

Koubaa A-Paintings

Krabbé (Jeroen)-Artworks

Lucassen (Reinier)-Artworks for catalogues and cards

Mattijssen (Erik)-Artworks

Meerveld van (Jana)-Artworks

Nab (Dick)-Paintings

National Archives-Training

Russel (Silvia) -Artworks

Sarah Enoch-Jewelry



Museums and Galleries

Wat/ waarvoor

Art Unlimited – Various artworks, incl. the Victory Boogie Woogie by Piet Mondriaan, for postcards, posters, catalogues

Cobra Museum of modern art

Various artworks for catalogues and invitation cards

Art dealer HWC Dullaert-Icons and other artworks

Art dealer Inez Stodel vof - Jewelry

W139 (museum) – Exhibition summaries for books, various publications

Espace gallery-Various artworks for books and invitation cards

Museum Henriette Polak – Various artworks for catalogues and cards

Rijksmuseum – Photos for gallery of prints online

Rates 2022

My rates are highly competitive

Excl. BTW (sales tax):

Hourly rate for photography      €    98.00

Hourly rate for image editing     €    80,00

Rate for advise on request

Call-out charge                            €  70.00 + km outside Amsterdam


It remains difficult to state an exact price.

If you bring a painting to my studio I will probably charge for one hour.

Several paintings at a time are relatively cheaper.

For a customized estimate, fill in the form “Price Quote” in “Contact”




No rights can be claimed from these rates.